Saturday, January 8, 2011

Best Products of 2010 (Part three: Nail, hand, and foot products.)

Nail Polish Brands and colors of the year:

Nail Polish Brands:
Sinful Colors
Sally Hansen HD

Glitter Polish Brands:
Sephora by OPI
Milani 3D holographic

Top Coat:
Seche Vite
Out the Door

Strengthening Base coat:
Sally Hansen Triple strong
OPI Nail Envy

Nail Polish colors of the year:
Essie's Mink Muffed
Revlon's Minted
OPI's dating a royal
Sinful Color's Thimbleberry
Chanel's Jade
Sephora by OPI's looks like rain dear
Sephora by OPI's midnight mambo
OPI's what's with the cattitude
China Glaze's audrey

Nail and Hand and Foot Care Items of the year:

Cuticle Cream:
LUSH'S Lemony Flutter cuticle butter

exfoliating product:
LUSH'S Ocean Salt

Hand and foot creams:
Aveda Hand relief
Aveda Foot Relief
Bath Junkie's Body dessert
Bath and Body Works' Shea Cashmere

Nail growth products:
Sally Hansen Triple strong

If you want more specific info about any nail products please let me know, but this concludes part 3 of my best of 2010 blog! Stay tuned for Part 4, which will be makeup products! Following part 4 will be part 5 and 6, which will be makeup tools and brushes and my mommy/kid items of the year!

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