Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best Products of 2010 (Part Two: Perfumes, Colognes, baby fragrances & Home Fragrances)


Ok you guys, not too much to discuss with these items. I'm not the greatest at describing scents! I just know when I smell if I like it or not, and I can tell you that I am not as much a fan of fruity and very perfumey scents as I am of musky, warm, woodsy, and sweet dessert type fragrances. I am a huge perfume person, my perfume collection includes about 20 different bottles, however there are a select few that I jump for and use regularly.

I have been wearing angel since 2004, and it has been my favorite ever since! My mommy and sister both wear it as well. I think it just work so well with our natural scent. It is pricey, so be aware of that, but to me the price is worth it!
Ghost is one that I have been wearing for about 3 years now and it is such a unique scent. I have never smelt anything with the same sweet soft sort of vanilla like undertone this has. This one is not as pricey as the angel. I believe it was about $50 the last time I bought a bottle and I only ever see one size in my store I buy my perfume from so I'm not sure if they have smaller sizes than what I've seen.
When I was putting a list of products together for my best products of the year blog, I knew that this had to be included. This year, I fell in love with viva la juicy! I can say it was love at first sight, because the packaging really brings you in! The fragrance is sweet, almost dessert-like, and delicate. It runs I think around $70 or less for the bigger bottle.

In 2010, benefit cosmetics came out with a line of perfumes, and I somewhat reluctantly ordered one that I had smelled in an ad. Sometimes magazine perfume samples are not true to the actual smell of the fragrance. I am so glad I ordered this one! So hooked on carmella is the perfect vanilla and caramel sort of fragrance. so sweet and yummy smelling!


Us ladies like for our boyfriends, husbands, and fiances to smell good right? I love smelling these colognes on my husband:
On June 6, 2005, my husband turned 17 and this was the gift I got him. I looove how this smells. It goes perfectly with my angel perfume. It is the perfect amount of sweet and musk. LOVE this!

I'm sure this is a hit among the high school crowd, as fragrances from A&F and hollister always were when I was in high school just a few years ago. I still love smelling hollister cologne on my husband. The price is great too, around $45 for the bigger one!

I came across Black one day while I was doing some cosmetic shopping, and I smelled it and knew it would be great for my husband! It is a very musky masculine scent, and I love it.

Baby Fragrance

I know to most people it seems crazy that I buy cologne for my 2 year old, but I just love when he smells really good. On his first birthday he got the baby touch fragrance by burberry and I really liked it. I do still use it, but this past year I stumbled upon something I like even more! The Jafra Tender Moments is a light clean smelling fragrance that keeps my son who just won't stop growing up at least smelling like a sweet little baby! This product can be used on any baby 6 months and up and it won't irritate the skin which is great!

Home fragrances

I love to burn candles and use burners around the house. I love for people to walk in and say "wow you're house smells so good." I also really love when it's the end of the day, everything is clean and put away, the house is a little darker, and my candles are going. I just love when the fan is on and is blowing a great fragrance around!

The first time I ever got a ted shreds candle was I think at my 16th birthday. My parents got it for me from a local surf shop called funky beat, and my room would smell great without even lighting it! It is the perfect summery fragrance. It's a coconutty, sunblock smelling, sweet summer candle!

When fall and winter rolled around, I just had to have a candle that wreaked of christmas, and this is the one! It goes wonderfully with my fresh balsam wallflower from bath and body works too! The two fragrances work hand in hand!

The slatkin & co vanilla coconut candle from bath and body works is another great one! Vanilla and coconut are my absolute 2 favorite fragrances so to have them in one candle is great! Slatkin &co candles are great quality too! Twilight woods, vanilla bean noel, and warm vanilla sugar are some other great bath and body works candle fragrances I love!

I have a 2 year old, so when I want my living room to smell good or the breakfast area to smell good I use the scentbug, because he can reach most areas in those rooms and knock candles over. The scentbug from bath and body works runs off of batteries and has a small pad inside that you place drops of fragrance oil on. The scent bug disperses the fragrance throughout the room you place it in, and in my experience also beyond that room! My favorite oils to put in it are warm vanilla sugar, fresh balsam, twilight woods, twisted peppermint, and kitchen spice.

Another candle alternative that I've been loving this year and in a couple years past, is the wallflower from bath and body works. I love them for my front doorway and the bathrooms. My favorite fragrances to hook up to my wall flowers are the same as what I like to put in the scentbug.

That concludes Part Two of my Best products of 2010 blog! Look for Part 3, which will be nail and hand and foot care products, coming soon!!

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