Friday, December 6, 2013

Murphy's Law

Ok you military wives, husbands, gfs, bfs, blah blah you get it....we have all heard it...."anything that can go wrong will during deployment." This is my 2nd and right before my first deployment with my husband I would roll my eyes every time I would hear that. The I went through a deployment and I was like aaaaaahhhhhh...YEP...IT'S TRUE!

Last deployment we got rear ended in a brand new car and then had a trip to the ER with my then 6 month old all within the first month he was gone! This deployment....I got into an accident, had to fix a garage door, and had someone steal my identity and steal my money!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr....all of that on top of cranky children who miss their daddy...HUMPH

But we get through it!! There are so many ways to cope and Mama Meagan has a great blog post and accompanying video all about how to cope!

^there is the link for her blog!

Def check it out!

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  1. girl i totally feel you... this stuff never happens when the hubby is home!! hang in there! we got this :)