Saturday, August 14, 2010


We all covet that bright white smile, but who wants to pay to get their teeth whitened in a dental office? not me! Several companies out there have products marketed towards those who want to get their smile brighter and whiter, and I have tried one of them! Here are some pictures and some opinions I formed along the way =]

This is what the packaging looks runs somewhere between $20 and $25
Inside the package is a tray that you will have boil water for...
You boil water and then dip the mouth guard looking tray into the water for just a few seconds
you then place it in your mouth and suck in, in order to mold it to your bite.
There is a top and bottom piece

Then you will open an ampule of whitening product and place it in the trays (the directions say you will need 1 per tray per session, however I only needed one for each session, and I had 4 left over)
After you have put the product into the tray, you will wear it for 20 minutes, take it out for 10, and then repeat the process of put the whitening formula in the tray and wear it again.
The whole kit takes 2 hours to complete.
Before                                                 After
This product absolutely works, however, like with most products there are positives and negatives
It was nice to have a perfect fit tray for my teeth, and I liked that I had 4 ampules left in order to do the process again in a couple of weeks.
I don't like that it take 2 hours. You don't have the luxury you would have with some other 30 minute or less white strip types of products.
 Also, there is a little bit of gum sensitivity following the 2 hours. However, for me this did not last.

I would purchase this product again, and use it.


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  2. I chose to follow the specific instructions on this particular product's packaging.