Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Ok everyone, this was a requested blog. I raved about these polishes after I got them during the walgreens' 99 cent sale. As a "high end" nail polish type of girl, I was hesitant to try them, but I love them!! I have swatched them on to my circle boards and numbered them so that you can see them all and if you are interested in how a particular shade looks you can find the name of the color and get to your nearest sinful colors retailer and get it! I will be doing an OPI swatch blog soon as well. I am currently going through my OPI polishes and getting rid of old stuff and things I just really don't ever ever use so once I downsize and organize my OPI collection I will do a blog post on those swatches! =] Here are the shades and swatches of my sinful colors collection:

 My Wheel of mostly pinks, yellows, oranges...

1. Tokyo Pearl
2. Snow Me White 
3. Easy Going
4. You Just Wait

5. Pinky Glitter
6. Fusion Neon
7. Scandal
8. Oasis
9. Boom Boom

10. Cream Pink
11. Neon Melon
12. Let's Meet
13. This Is It
14. All About You 

15. Cloud 9
16. Summer Peach
17. Thimbleberry
18. Courtney Orange
19. Gogo Girl

My Wheel of Mostly Blues, Purples, Greens, & Greys

1. Vacation Time
2. Dancing Nails
3. Sugar Sugar
4. Mercury Rising
5. Bali Mist

6. Frenzy
7. Let's Talk
8. Hottie
9. Love Nails
10. Mint Apple

11. Innocent
12. Irish Green
13. Call You Later
14. Happy Ending
15. HD Nails

16. Out Of This World
17. Secret Admirer
18. What's Your Name
19. Black on Black

I hope this was helpful! Now make a list of the shades you love and get to your nearest drugstore to pick up some polish! =] Feel free to comment if there is a shade you would like a better picture of!

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