Saturday, June 4, 2011


Went to super target this morning to just pick up BATTERIES and wandered over to the beauty area and the swimsuit area. I decided to try out some really inexpensive products that I hadn't seen or tried or used a particular shade of. 

 I love targets bathing suit selection every year! I had purchased 3 for this summer already, 2 from target and 1 from VS, but when I went in today I noticed that they had some significant mark downs to some of them. I snagged a "itsy bitsy yellow polka dot bikini" for just $15! ($7.48 for the top and $7.48 for the bottom) could I resist buying another bathing suit when the deal was so sweet =]
 I grabbed a few products by elf including a brow gel, a tinted moisturizer, an all over color stick in a new shade I hadn't tried before, and another eyeshadow brush....I love love love the elf shadow brush and for just $1 I figure there is no harm in having several extras in my collection. All of the elf regular line stuff was of course only $1 and the tinted moisturizer from the studio line was just $3!
 I was pleasantly surprised by the sinful colors display in the nail polish section when I was shopping around! About 4 months ago I had taken advantage of a sale and catalina bucks I had in walgreens and had literally purchased every shade they had, but I stumbled upon 2 at super target that i did not have in my collection and I scooped them up! I also grabbed an NYC polish to see how their newer formula is, a liquid liner from them that I had never tried, and a mega shine lip gloss...I have some NYC polishes from ages ago that I recently got rid of and I haven't tried their newer stuff in a while so i figured for the price...why not try a little something new?
Successful and inexpensive shopping trip....accomplished! & to think...I almost left with just the batteries.

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