Thursday, June 2, 2011

We've all been open your favorite lipstick only to discover the summer heat has gotten to it or maybe you pry it from your destructive 2 year old's any situation, don't fret! Here's what I do when my lipstick somehow melts, breaks, get's crushed etc. :

STEP 1: It's ok to have a brief moment of silence to mourn this tragedy...
 STEP 2: Do the, normally, unthinkable and crush the heck out of your little fallen beauty soldier into a container that you can close and use as either a palette or a single potted lip product. Here I used a container that came with some nail rhinestones I bought a while works as a great little palette for travel once you have more than one lipstick in it! But a small tub container will work too! Just make sure it's something you can put in the microwave for about 20 seconds or so.
 STEP 3: This is where the microwave comes in! Now I find that different brand lipsticks melt differently...NYC brand lipsticks melt insanely fast & Mac lipsticks melt pretty fast too. NYX brand ones don't so you will have to just figure out for yourself how long it's going to take. Try 15 seconds first and then add additional time if you need it. It doesn't need to melt to a complete long as it really softens and melts enough for you to use a small beauty spatula, lip brush, or qtip to mush it and flatten it out somewhat. or my NYX brand lipstick it took my microwave 28 seconds.
 STEP 5: let it dry and solidify! This is a great way to also mix and create custom lip colors or if you just want to save space for travel and have a small lip palette this is great! I tend to purchase inexpensive drugstore brand lipsticks that are maybe $4 or less to make a travel palette and to make my own lip palettes for when I'm doing someone else's makeup.

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