Sunday, July 17, 2011


 I broke out some old favorite palettes from coastal scents and created this look using the coastal scents 10 camo concealer palette and 88 shimmer palette! Other products used include: NYC blushable cream stick in plaza pink, Pretty addictions blush in wild thang, NYX round lipstick in dahlia, and benefit high beam.
Really enjoyed the combo of pink, silver, and charcoal!
 LOVING the accent nail trend. I have been doing this simple polish look a lot lately!
 I have loved toms since I was a senior in high schol (05-06) and I really love that they have since branched out with more than just adult shoes. They have sunglasses, apparel, different styles of adult shoes, and even shoes for children!
 I love their shoes! Not just for the way they look, but for what they stand for!
 I'm glad that now, not only can I help someone in need by purchasing shoes for myself, but my son can help too! I just had to order my 2 year a pair of the boat style shoes!
 This is his 2nd pair of "tiny toms" and the first pair lasted forever, were comfy for him, and great to throw on him everyday!
 In case you are not familiar with toms, basically you buying a new pair of shoes for yourself helps a child in need. For every pair purchased TOMS gives a pair! What a wonderful concept!
These boat style shoes are adorable! They were less expensive than his sperry's and I like them better! Helping a child in need is the ultimate plus too!
 I'm already window shopping for his next pair!
 ^ordered a cha cha tint from and got a great free gift of posie tint, porefessional, and bad gal lash! & As always when you order from samples come with your shipment!
 The little set of free gifts I got has already made it's way into my hospital bag for when I go into labor! They were perfect sized to throw in there for touchups and a fresh face when we leave the hospital to come home!
 I have been using the cha cha tint like crazy!!
It is an amazing mango/orange color that is so in right now for summer time cheeks! I use it on my lips as well and top it with rimmel's moisture renew in coral shimmer. I love the for my lips and the color it gives my cheeks is great as well!

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