Sunday, January 20, 2013

Okay ya'll, I know it has been way too long! I am sorry for the hiatus! As some of you know that subscribe to my youtube channel ( or follow my twitter (@meighantosten), my husband came home from a 6 month deployment in december! 2 weeks after he came home we headed down to key west and had some fun with friends and family. After Key West we went on a 7 day cruise that was amazing!! Much needed vacation with all of my close immediate family. =] We spent new years in Miami, and are just now slowing down. So as you can see, The Tosten Family was busy!

We are now adjusting to life with my husband home and trying to get back on a normal schedule all while attempting to stick to our resolutions! Which, by the way, involve saving money. I never realized how hard it would be to save money when you love having friends around and staying busy! We are surrounded by bad influences and we absolutely love to have people over, and we spend a lot of money doing those things. We have decided that we'd like to go on another cruise, make a trip to Pennsylvania, go to disney again this year, and stay at the wilderness lodge for a few days before my husband deploys again. All of those things are quite pricey so the savings begins now if we are going to get to do any of those things!

What were some of your resolutions? Have you stuck to them? What are some things that make sticking to them challenging?

Over the next month I am going to put the time and effort into my youtube and blog. I will be doing a video on my eating habits and workout habits, a monthly favorites video at the end of this month, and my husband and I will be getting back into our fam vlogs and cooking vids!

Thanks for sticking around while I was MIA! See you/talk to you soon!

Meighan ^_^

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