Thursday, October 10, 2013

I have been very neglectful!!

I know I know.....the 10 people that even look at this blog are probably soooooooooooooo sad I haven't updated in a while....(SARCASM)

But I get happiness out of it and I have missed it so I am back at it and ready to update the blogger world!

So what has Meighan been up to???....well A LOT.....I have been decorating, working out, cooking, cleaning, taking my oldest son to school every weekday, camping, traveling, trying to perfect our budget, working, shopping and preparing for another deployment...bleeehhhh

My husband leaves soon for deployment *****cue in the "awwwww im sorry"**** no really though its fine...I really dont find deployments to be that bad...we dont fight, we communicate as much as possible, and we still pick up a pencil and actually WRITE each other (I know GASP) and I'm trying to get a routine going BEFORE he leaves so that the adjustment isn't as tough. I am like a machine...I just get through it and get it's our two little boys that I worry about, but hey it is what it is and WE LOVE BEING A MILITARY FAMILY so it's all good in the hoooooood!!! I mean hey what other job moves you to places like sunny florida and hawaii?????? On that note, guess what? We are moving to Hawaii!!!! Not until August 2014 but I AM STOKED!!!!

In other crazy exciting...well not, I am going to be back into doing my youtube channel!!!

I have so much to talk to you guys about! =] Stay Tuned!


  1. I love your you tube channel... you go girl! Good luck on your deployment, were almost 3 months down in ours!!

  2. Look at you Mrs. Productive! I am glad you are back to blogging. And your crazy hectic life seems enjoyable. <3