Tuesday, November 26, 2013

WELP......im living the "single mom" life

Hello everyone!! Deployment has started for us. It was a tough 4 goodbyes...yes 4....between changing takeoff times and broken P3s...we said goodbye to my husband more than once. I think having 4 goodbyes is harder than having just the 1.

I surprisingly held it together ok until the actual hug....my husband is one of those people that just gives a really good hug. For a tall skinny man his hugs are surprisingly bear like. I broke down once more in the car on the way to target (yes of course that was the first place I went after saying goodbye). My oldest son, Larry who is almost 5 cried and that BROKE ME. It was tough!!

Our first night without my hubby went ok. My boys snuggled in my bed and kept me warm and cozy and i went to bed early and got 10 hours of sleep to start the next day with! I did hear from my husband late that next night and have heard from him daily. SO THANKFUL FOR THAT!

On an even happier note...my grandmother..who I call Mamma...not pronounced like momma or mama...and her "wayne"  (My papa passed away in 2008 and for years my grandmother was sad and alone but found someone to spend her time with and while they arent married....it's weird to say boyfriend so he is just a family member named wayne) arrived the day after my husband left and my aunt uncle and 2 of my closest cousins that I grew up with will be here late tomorrow night...woohoo! In addition to that, I've also had a bonfire with my good friend and neighbor, brandi, and have spent time with my bestie, Jena, along with my lovely mommy, daddy, sister, and brother who thankfully this deployment live almost directly behind my house.....YAY! I wont lie...I have spent a large amount of time in target over the past few days too in order to help pass time...lol

Tomorrow is thanksgiving eve and we have a lot of prep to do!!! What are your thanksgiving prep plans and meal plans? And furthermore what is your black friday opinion?

I have gone back and forth on whether or not to go...today it's a no but yesterday I said I was going lol

Part of me wants to snag a sweet deal on a tv and some toys but another part of me wants to stay up late with family and friends drinking and playing games and then sleeping in the next day!!! It skeeves me that stores open on thanksgiving around the time everyone should be with family, but whatever...I guess thats why im not the marketing director of any big store or the ceo of any big company.

Anyways, I WILL BE FILMING ON THANKSGIVING.....eeeeeekk I am so excited to let you in on the excitement that is my family! =) so keep a look out for that...I will be starting a whole new fresh channel...one that's a little more grown up than the one I started 5 years ago..sound good? great!

My new channel/youtube name is TwinklesandTeas

I'll be working on setting it up for the next couple days =)

Talk to you again soon!!

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