Tuesday, December 17, 2013


SOOOOOOOOOOOO....I got a job!!!! I wasn't even looking for one. My parents' neighbor is being promoted and the position she had needed to be filled so she told my mom about it and my mom of course encouraged me to do it. My guess is she sees the stressed out mess I have become and thinks maybe getting out of the house and making extra fun money would calm my neurosis down. Either way, I'm appreciative of the opportunity. I think it is going to make the deployment flyyyyy by and not only that, but my kids will have some with my family before we make our big move to Hawaii at the end of next summer!

Also, this is going to help me reach our financial goals for 2014 even faster which is exciting! So, what is the job you ask?? Actually it's totally for me....I'm going to be working for a stage lighting company as a customer service and shipping/receiving employee. The work is mostly clerical and the work atmosphere is super laid back...the schedule is synced with my county's school system so when my oldest is out of school, I can work from home rather than at the office location. The pay is well above minimum wage with possibilities of raises and my first day is tomorrow!! I'll be training tomorrow and thursday and then im off until Jan 1st, which is when christmas break is.

I'm so excited and nervous. It has been a while since I've had a job outside the home and the thought of being away from the kids makes me sad, but I know it isn't for forever and it will be great for me and the kids!

I've been scouring the internet for tips on going back to working after having little ones.....It's gonna be A OK....but WISH ME LUCK and SEND ME GOOD VIBES =)

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