Friday, November 12, 2010

AS REQUESTED>>>A REVIEW of Urban Decay's NAKED palette & swatches

Let me start by saying....LOVE IT! What's not to love? $44 for 12 eyeshadows 2 eyeliner pencils and a primer! The shadows are wonderful quality like other urban decay shadows. The colors are all neutral but can be used to put together a natural look or a bold look. The finishes include matte, shimmer, and even sparkly! The 24/7 liners are well.....24/7 liners...and if you have tried them before you know how great they are! Really creamy, easy to smudge, and long wearing even in the waterline. It's nice that you get both a brown (shade is called whiskey) and a black (shade is called zero) The primer potion you get with it is the smaller sized one that comes with most UD palettes. Another attractive element is that Urban Decay Products are cruelty free products so you can use this and rest assured that an animal was NOT used to test it! =] Appealing isn't it?

Urban decay and I have a very inconsistent relationship. Their items are always either hit or miss for me, never an in between or an ok sometimes. I love their mineral makeup, primers, single shadows, 24/7 liners, plumping lip gloss, big fatty mascara, and now their naked palette. I am not a fan of many of their palettes (I'll explain why later), their regular lipglosses, any of their bronzer or blush products, or their tinted moisturizers, or their brushes. For a while I have avoided buy any of their palettes. Here is why: A long time ago I purchased the book of shadows and really liked it so I bought the book of shadows volume II and liked them both. When I heard they were coming out with an alice in wonderland palette, I couldn't contain myself! I bought it the day it came out and when I got home and opened it my buzz was killed by the realization that the book of shadows vol II and the alice in wonderland palette were nearly identical. Several palettes they later released were also similar to the books of shadows or to each other. So you can imagine why I wasn't quite jumping for excitement when I heard they were going to be releasing another palette summer of 2010. I tried ignoring the hype, but eventually really researched it and realized I wanted it....desperately. Of course it was sold out...EVERYWHERE! So I waited patiently for ulta to email me when it came back in to stock and it finally did in october. It is so unique from Urban Decay's other palettes! So here's the close ups of the palette and the swatches::

Swatched below from left to right:
toasted, hussle, creep, and gunmetal
Swatched below on the top from left to right:
Virgin, Sin, Naked, and Sidecar 

 Swatched below on the bottom from left to right:
Buck, Half Baked, Smog, & Dark Horse


  1. I got one too and I love it!!!
    Will you be showing some looks? It will be great for inpiration!

  2. I havent decided yet if I'm going to do tutorials with it...I may do some blog posts with some looks with it though! =]