Monday, November 22, 2010

Profusion holiday palette review & swatches
Let me start off by saying that the price of this palette really drew me in. I had seen it in a couple haul videos and blog posts and so I thought I'd try it! I have yet to see a review on this palette either so I knew it'd be a good one to feature in a blog! $2.99 for 25 shadows is a decent price and the quality of the shadows is nice. Very rich and smooth. They have a very silky or velvety texture to them. So let's get on to the color pay off and color variety! Here are the swatches:
top: NO flash
bottom: WITH flash
The color payoff is not bad at all considering this is a very inexpensive palette and easy to get a hold of! Now..time for the negative things. Take a look at the swatches below of all of the coppery colors and greens from the palette:
 Notice, the colors along side one another are extremely similar. The coppers from the palette are almost exactly alike when swatched and the greens are very close to one another. Looking at these swatches made me realize that really we aren't getting 25 eyeshadows. Essentially, when you subtract the colors that are basically doubles, we are getting about 15 unique shades within the palette. It is great that it is inexpensive, but I wouldn't jump at the chance to scoop up any other palettes from profusion like this one. I regret wasting the money, even if it was only $2.99. That 3 bucks could've been better spent on something else.

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