Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Formula 10.0.6 is an absolute treat for the face!

I really don't hear much about this brand, which after trying it, surprises me! I happened to catch a glimpse of it about two weeks ago on a run to the store for face wash. They were completely out of the loreal go 360 clean that I normally use  and so I though I'd try this brand. The packaging is what originally pulled me in. They have a few different products. I plan on trying more now that I've introduced myself to the brand. Their products include cleansers, moisturizers (including a tinted one), acne treatments, and face masks. They have a shine free moisturizer (which I tried out) and a shine free face mask as well. They even have a cleanser and toner in one in their line of products!
^above is the link to their site....which you can order from if you live in the United States. If you are outside of the U.S. check their site for stores and locations these products are sold at!
The first product I tried was the Best face forward cleanser. Keep in mind this is not necessarily a sever acne fighting cleanser. Meaning that there is no salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide in it. It has many other acne fighting properties, however if your looking for something more potent this isn't the one for you. It does cleanse nicely which for me has helped minimize breakouts but if you suffer from severe acne issues, you may want to go for something with stronger acne fighting ingredients in it or try some of their acne treatments.

This cleanser really forms a nice lather and leaves your skin feeling super clean and ready to absorb a moisturizer! It's ingredients include passionfruit, green tea, and chamomile. Passionfruit has refreshing and calming properties and helps reduce oiliness. Green tea soothes skin and provides antibacterial and anti-inflamatory benefits. Finally, chamomile is a great ingredient for skin care products especially where inflammation may be present, such as in various skin problems, including acne, irritation and other forms of rashes and skin complaints, plus t it promotes granulation and cell regeneration.

 Deep down detox is just one of their face masks. Had they had the full line available when I went shopping I would have tried the shine free mask or the pores be pure mask. However, this one is great! It is a great refreshing face mask. After following the directions on the back my skin felt great! I got a nice cooling effect from it upon rinsing it off and my skin felt smooth almost instantly. I can't wait to try the other 2 types or face masks they have available!
The ingredients in this face mask include orange, bergamot, and sea salt. The orange uplifts and refreshes. It also rejuvenates and tones the skin leaving it clear, refreshed and hydrated. I liked that my skin felt smooth and hydrated without being oily. I have oily combo skin and so when I see hydration I usually run for fear I will end up more oily than before, but this mask work great! Bergamot is considered to be an antiseptic, and it regenerates and balances the skin. The sea salt serves as a gentle exfoliant and really thickens the mask and give it a nice texture for a great application.

Now we're at the final product I tried out, and my favorite of them all! The seriously shine free mattifying oil free moisturizer. I love this moisturizer. I have nothing negative to say it. It left my skin smooth and gave me a mattifying effect just like it said. I have very little issues with my oiliness throughout the day and my makeup went on flawlessly with a perfect finish. I really hope to try the no time to shine face mask soon. I'm sure the 2 work phenomenal together! I have seen very few review online for this, but on the ulta website I came across some people saying that it didn't work and that it smelled bad. There was no bad smell what so ever, it fact I really didn't notice any particular scent at all. I have to also disagree with it not working....It worked wonders for my oiliness! 

The ingredients in the moisturizer include aloe vera and bamboo extract. Aloe vera is very rich in minerals and nutrients, and is known for its hydrating, soothing, moisturizing and healing properties. The Bamboo used in Formula 10.0.6 products is called Greensil. Greensil is a natural absorbent and mattifying agent. It mattifies the skin's surface and leaves it with a soft and very smooth feel.

These are really great! I can't believe I hadn't tried these before! Their overnight success acne spot treatment, one smooth operator exfoliating scrub, pores be pure face mask, no time to shine face mask, and tinted moisturizer are next on my list of things to try!

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