Monday, November 15, 2010

Booty from me latest plunder! AARRGG!

I have recently become a bath junkie addict! I can't help myself! I mean you can walk in and pick from a variety of products and then you get to pick your fragrance and color you wish for the product to be! They have everything from salt scrub to laundry detergent and their fragrances include popular perfume dupes, earthy scents like dirt (which is actually a very interesting fragrance), fruity smells, florals, and even fresh baked goods! I also took advantage of grabbing some holiday items and some cupcake scented antibacs from bath and body works. Let me tell you...the red velvet hand sanitizer smells just like red velvet cake, which happens to be my's also the cake my husband and I had on our wedding day =] YUM! Finally I grabbed up some NYX stuff and an L.A. colors foundation (completely out of curiosity)! =] You can look for these products in my future videos ;-}

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